From The Gamer: “I love Cyberpunk 2077s city of blinding lights and violent delights. Its a beautiful illusion. Like all open-worlds, you have to suspend your disbelief and meet it halfway for it to fully convince you. The city itself is a stunning achievement, almost incomprehensible in its layout – after 100 hours of exploring, Im still in awe.

The more time you spend in Night City, though, the more cracks appear. They dont take away from the fact its an incredible game – at least on PC – but you can see where the scope was pulled back during development. Its in the little things, like how V and Jackie seem to be the only people who ride a bike in Night City. Or how you never see anyone getting in or out of a car – unless you drag them out, of course.”

Source: N4G PC The Police And Wanted System In Cyberpunk 2077 Are Completely Pointless