With Call of Duty being the only non-sports AAA game series with a fresh instalment guaranteed to release every year, its fair to say that not all of them have been bangers. Over the last console generation we also saw some factionalism as different segments of the Call of Duty community rallied around certain games and stuck with them, even after the next sequel had come around. The three development studios working on the franchise Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer all had different approaches when it came to delivering that triple layer experience: a meaty multiplayer sandwiched between a cinematic singleplayer campaign and an ever-changing co-op component.

This year Treyarch had the unenviable job of following up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Although not everyones favourite recent game in the series, for many others it marked a return to form and Warzone has cemented its place in the COD hall of fame.

However, that hasnt stopped Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold…

Source: N4G PC Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare? Which Call of Duty is better?