Sega has released another new trailer showing off the mech-riding gals preparing to kick names and take ass in upcoming mobile title Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi – or Sakura Revolution.

This typically off-the-wall preview shines stage lights on the squad members that make up Sakura Revolution’s Flower Divisions – talented artists, warriors, and scientists who like to take time out from their muses to battle inter-dimensional demons. A common lifestyle that we can all relate to.

With the help from the trailer’s teeny-tiny English translations, the eight women of the Flower Division are identified as (in order of appearance) Moemi Washu, Sudachi Sana, Benishi Hijikata, Riho Oigawa, Uchika Tateyama, Tatsuji Takasaki, Mutsuha Mogami, and finally Mana Jujimachi. We also get a glimpse at each of the ladies’ strange “Spiricle Dress” mech armor. I think my favorite is the piano-powered Tatsuji Takasaki. What say you?

Sakura Revolution introduces the Flower Division's femmes screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Sakura Revolution introduces the Flower Division’s femmes