TSA writes: “The tale of Rune IIs development is a saga in itself a tale full of betrayal, greed, tyrannous giants (Zenimax), and the heroic acts of a small group of developers trying to avert Ragnarok. The full details are well documented, as can be seen in our earlier coverage, and my upcoming interview with the team at Studio 369, so having managed to make it all the way to release, what condition is the game now in? We didnt review the original, cursed release on Epic a year ago but I did play Rune II in its frankly shocking pre-Studio 369 form and let me tell you, it was barely a game at all with almost no content and a complete disregard for basic QA. I was therefore in a good position to see how much had changed with this build, and to see whether it lived up to the legacy of the much loved original.”

Source: N4G PC Rune II: Decapitation Edition Review (TheSixthAxis)