TSA writes: “An ever-present ask of RTS games is that the player suspend their disbelief long enough to accept that not a single soldier will ever stop following orders. From classic Dune II, all the way up to this years Iron Harvest, Im yet to see a single unit balk at whatever war crime Ive just right-clicked them into committing, instead happily whistling as they dutifully bayonet sheep or set fire to thatched-roof orphanages. This could well be read as the genres surviving commentary on itself; A mindless swarm of murderbots is an obedient swarm of murderbots, after all. Thats the mechanical premise of Drone Swarm, anyway. Its a game that saw the bee-shooting plasmid from Bioshock and was like: Yes, that, but more of it, and also in space.”

Source: N4G PC Drone Swarm Review (TheSixthAxis)