Ross @ FG: This week on The Finger Guns Podcast were getting very excited for this weeks Xbox Series S/X launch, and were joined for the first time by our review contributor Andy Manson to talk his excitement and what the main draw is for him picking up an Xbox Series S over a Series X at launch. Whats the killer app on Xbox at launch (we come to a consensus, by the way as to what the answer would be)? We discuss along with looking ahead to the impending PS5 release on the 19th. Its all so close now! The hype is building at an alarming rate.
We also talk the failure of Square-Enixs Marvels Avengers and just what led the game to not be purchased by the masses. Are people missing out? Is it actually good? Rossko and Sean weigh in along with discussing what the game needs to do to get the back on board.
Also, Mass Effect is back! Toby and Greg get excited educating Mass Effect n00b Rossko on why the remaster is in such demand and what the series needs to do to get the hardcore…

Source: N4G PC The Finger Guns Podcast Ep.83 – The Collapse of Marvel's Avengers