The new generation is upon us, and Sony has come out swinging with an incredibly powerful new console to stake its claim on the gaming landscape. The PlayStation 5 offers up blazing speed and some remarkable audio and visual technology. The new console also brings the most exciting innovation in controllers in many years with the excellent DualSense. While not everything is perfect, our weeks with the PlayStation 5 have revealed a worthwhile successor to the legacy of the brand, and an experience that has the potential to change the game for both developers and players.

Hardware and Form Factor

Most mainstream entertainment tech opts for a low-profile presentation, with subdued lines and shapes meant to blend into the background. That’s even been true for earlier iterations of the PlayStation consoles. The PS5 breaks that mold, with sleek, curved forms, and overpowering presence – less a tech box, and more a billionaire’s yacht.

The PlayStation 5 is a beast in size – the largest home console ever – at over 15 inches in height, more than 10 inches in depth, and 4 inches wide, with the standard edition. The digital edition drops some mass and width without the disc drive. Rather than attempt to diminish the bulk, the designers have added curves and extended wings on both sides that lend yet more flair and size. When active, the operating lights shine outward with enough power to illuminate several feet in an otherwise dark room. Read more…

Source: Game Informer The PlayStation 5 Review