Out of nowhere, Shenmue III was ensnared by the siren’s song of the Epic Games Store. Met to an outcry by tons of backers who felt bamboozled by the near zero hour change (just months before it actually launched), Ys Net and Deep Silver maintained course and kept the exclusivity intact. Until now, that is.

It looks like Epic’s exclusive deal is up. We already knew as much, but over on the game’s Kickstarter page, it is now fully confirmed that Shenmue III is coming to Steam on November 19. Ys Net says that if you “opted in” to Steam back in late 2019, you’re not able to claim your code. A year later. As a reminder, you can check out the full list of PC requirements below.

For Shenmue III, more platforms in any capacity, even within the PC subgroup, is a win. It’s still only available on the PlayStation console family, so folks who were holding out for the Steam edition can finally partake. It’s also great news for everyone who pulled out of the Kickstarter campaign entirely, as you can casually pick it up on the storefront of your choice going forward.

Steam release announcement [Kickstarter]

Shenmue III will finally arrive on Steam in just a few weeks screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Shenmue III will finally arrive on Steam in just a few weeks