Harmonix is a fascinating case study of a studio.

What was once the “Frequency/Amplitude” developer (this is how I’ll always remember them) eventually made their mark on gaming with the Guitar Heroes series, followed by Rock Band. It’s ironic that the folks that helped start the in-home guitar revolution ended up living longer than their creation, having been the steward of Rock Band for around 13 years now.

But Harmonix has always struggled to move out of the shadow of that success. Games like Fantasia: Music Evolved, while fun, never quite put them on the map. Before long the next Rock Band project would be announced and they’d fall back into a comfortable rhythm.

Fuser tries to do something interesting in that same rhythm space, but like several of their other ideas, it comes up short in many respects.

Review: Fuser screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Review: Fuser