Following a transformative generation where Xbox recovered from a rocky start to deliver a successful, consumer-friendly approach, the gaming team at Microsoft is back with two consoles that do everything the Xbox One currently does, but better. Blazing fast load times, superb compatibility, and a ton of power combine with various quality-of-life adjustments to improve upon the Xbox One experience in noticeable ways. While an iterative approach may not give you the “wow” factor you expect when you power on your new console for the first time, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S undeniably provide you the best way to enjoy your library of Xbox games.

Hardware and Form Factor

Upon unboxing the Xbox Series X, one thing is immediately apparent: Xbox’s new flagship console is massive. Resembling more of a PC tower than a traditional video game console, its nearly-12-inch height wouldn’t be such a barrier for entertainment configurations if it weren’t for its approximately 6-inch depth and width as well. With those dimensions, players with horizontal-oriented slots in their entertainment systems for hardware like Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and previous video game consoles will likely have issues fitting it within their existing configuration; the only place I could fit it into my entertainment setup was on the stand behind the TV. The less expensive, disc-less Series S, on the other hand, is the smallest Xbox ever produced. The console weighs just 4.3 pounds versus the 9.8 pounds of the Series X, and it can easily fit anywhere your Xbox One already fits. Read more…

Source: Game Informer The Xbox Series X/S Review