The SteamWorld series has been near and dear to my heart since 2013 (sorry SteamWorld Tower Defense), ever since I first played SteamWorld Dig on my 3DS.

Developer Image & Form really had a hit on their hands, which they’ve expanded upon to great success with SteamWorld Heist, Dig 2, and Quest. Moving into strategy and RPG realms was a big move for the company, but they pulled it off and managed to craft a fun and unique shared universe along the way. Now, after around a year of near-silence regarding the franchise, we could see it expanded even further in the near future.

Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Image & Form explained that they are “making new SteamWorld games” (first of all, yes) and they are “not ruling out sequels.” Going a tad further, the studio says that they would “love to revisit earlier games in the series.” Boom. That’s like, triple-confirmation!

Obviously our imagination could run wild here, but I think turning SteamWorld Dig into a trilogy is the most obvious move. Next, a whole new game in a completely different genre would be my next bet. Either way, the world is Image & Form’s oyster. They seem to have a firm foundation of a fanbase around them and are expanding far beyond the confines of the SteamWorld universe, developing titles like Gunk on PC/Xbox.

Image & Form [Twitter]

Yes! New SteamWorld games are on the way, sequels 'not ruled out' screenshot

Source: Destructoid Yes! New SteamWorld games are on the way, sequels ‘not ruled out’