This month, stealth ‘n’ snipe adventure Sniper Elite 4 will arrive on Switch, marking the series official debut on the Nintendo platform. Developer Rebellion has released a new trailer, giving wannabe sharpshooters their first decent look at the Switch version in action.

It’s referred to as a “gameplay trailer,” but aside from the opening 10 seconds is still a little too “quick-cut” to really get a feel for how the Switch will handle the third-person adventure. We do get to see our man in Italy, taking down the Nazi regime one bullet at a time, as expertly demonstrated through Sniper Elite’s gloriously gory X-ray kill cam.

The video also espouses some of the features incorporated into the Switch port, including gyroscopic aiming, HD Rumble support, character customization, and local multiplayer modes for up to four perfect shooters. Let’s hope you don’t get me on your squad, decades of coffee have left my hands about as steady as a rock grinder.

Sniper Elite 4 launches November 17 on Nintendo Switch. Pre-ordering via the eShop will bag you a 15% price discount.

Sniper Elite 4 reveals sharpshooting Switch gameplay screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Sniper Elite 4 reveals sharpshooting Switch gameplay