After three SamRaimi-directed movies, a two-season sequel series on Starz, and 2013’s soft reboot directed by Fede Alvarez, the Evil Dead franchise is moving away from its rustic roots, and its cabin-in-the-woods aesthetic, for a new bloody adventure that takes place in a big city building.

The title Evil Dead Rise was revealed this past summer by Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, as well as the idea that the “upcoming movie will shake up the tried-and-tested franchise formula by deviating away from some key narrative staples, such as the classic ‘cabin in the woods’ setting.”

Director Lee Cronin expanded on this concept recently, during a chat with Bloody Disgusting, saying that the film will feature a female heroine in a city, possibly in a high-rise apartment complex (hence the title).

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“I’m confident I’m going to do something that’s both familiar and refreshing,” Cronin said. “I’m gonna deliver a rollercoaster of horror. That’s what the goal is here. Relentless. Not stopping to explain too much. It needs to be extremely visceral, highly entertaining, properly scary. To push boundaries, that’s important as well.”

During an interview with, Campbell said the movie kicks off when “that book gets around, a lot of people run into it and it’s another story.”

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Source: Next Evil Dead Film to Take Place in a City High-Rise