Dave writes: “There are few more notorious serial murderers than the Zodiac Killer. Active in North America in the late 60s to early 70s, the Zodiac was never identified, having killed 37 people (going by The Zodiacs own tally), or five known deaths according to official records. You might recognise the signature symbol and cryptograms he would write and send to law enforcement, journalists or even leave at crime scenes. This brazenness has made the Zodiac Killer a darkly attractive figure for movies, with the Mindhunter TV series and Zodiac – the 2007 David Fincher movie – all being recent examples. So, we come to This is the Zodiac Speaking, which is looking to bring the Zodiac cases to gaming. It launches today on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.”

Source: N4G PC This is the Zodiac Speaking is a Serial Killer Howdunnit? on the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch