You’re the best around! Nothing’s ever gonna keep you down! That $500 price tag for the Xbox Series X isn’t gonna cause you any problems because you’re getting that bad boy for free.

Microsoft keeps coming up with ways to give away the Xbox Series X to the elite of the elite. A couple weeks ago, we learned about the Xbox Hall of Fame where the most dedicated players could win the new console for their dedication to Xbox over the past seven years. There’s also the ongoing Taco Bell promotion where only the most hardcore T-Bell fans (okay, maybe just the luckiest) can win an Xbox Series X.

Now, Microsoft is channeling the ghost of 1 vs. 100 (kind of) with a trivia show where you can win an Xbox Series X. It’s a part of the Xbox FanFest which is now an ongoing digital (and eventually maybe physical) event. The first step is to register for FanFest which comes with access to “upcoming activities and offers.” It’s also good for 100 Microsoft Rewards points if that’s a promotion you partake in.

The very first exclusive FanFest event is a 25,000-player trivia contest on October 23. Here’s how it works: There are 10 rounds, each with 7 multiple choice questions. You have 15 seconds to answer. Each question is worth a maximum of 60 points, and that decreases by 4 points for every second that lapses. So, accuracy and speed are paramount. That’s how you get around people just Googling the answers.

There are 5 knockout rounds. After Round 3, it goes from 25,000 players to 5,000 players. After Round 5, it drops from 5,000 to 1,000. So on and so on until only one person wins Round 10 and is crowned the Xbox Trivia Champ.

Here’s what makes up the winner’s prize package:

You'll get a free Xbox Series X if you can become an Xbox trivia champ screenshot

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Source: Destructoid You’ll get a free Xbox Series X if you can become an Xbox trivia champ