CG writes: We enjoyed Anthem when it first released and feel it’s perhaps underappreciated. Not only does it play well, but looks fantastic to boot. We recently dived-in again to test the performance using an RTX 3090 and can safely say the game now runs using max settings and 4K with a solid 60 fps. We expect the 3080 also to run this at 4K60. Previously our RTX 2080 Ti struggled to maintain this preferred frame rate and dipped into the 40s quite often during intense moments. Interestingly, BioWare are planning a revamp for this game (Anthem 2.0) at some point which addresses some of the complaints players had with the games systems. We expect that to release next year if were hazarding a guess. It will also be interesting if a lot more players dive-in this November when EAs Origin becomes part of Microsofts Xbox Game Pass.

Source: N4G PC Anthem Finally playable 4K 60 FPS Max settings with new 30 series cards