Being named director of a mainline Final Fantasy game is a highly coveted position that very few people have been able to hold. With the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI, a new man joined this small group: Hiroshi Takai.

Although he has been at Square for almost thirty years, he is certainly not as well-known as the likes of Yoshinori Kitase or Tetsuya Nomura – not to mention Naoki Yoshida, who happens to be this new games producer. Takai is certainly more renowned in Japan, thanks to his contribution to the cult SaGa series and to FFXIVs successful rebirth. But, unless Yoshida steals the show, Takai will most likely find himself in the spotlight in the coming months.

While gamers are waiting for new details about FFXVI, now is the right time to learn more about the person helming the project.

Source: N4G PC Who is Final Fantasy XVI Director Hiroshi Takai?