30 hours into Spelunky 2, I’ve beaten the game exactly once – and come close countless other times.

While much of that time was admittedly spent exploring potential branching routes and figuring out what’s up with certain elusive NPCs, straight up, I didn’t see the credits until my 400th or so run.

Coming in, I knew I’d be rusty at spelunking, and I expected a long period of acclimation before I could quickly, reliably, efficiently carve through the sequel’s procedurally-generated deathtraps, but goddang! This game is brutal. Not just for novices, who are in for a world of hurt, but also those of us who put dozens of hours into Spelunky, toppled Olmec, and survived the trip to hell. The struggle is real – again!

We’ll be uncovering secrets in Spelunky 2 for years to come, but for now, here are my tips. I’ve ordered them based on the stages I’ve seen – in the order they appear – but I’m missing several in my journal.

The further you scroll down, the more spoilery it’ll be – including a pic of the boss at the bottom.

Spelunky 2 guide: Tips I wish I would've known sooner screenshot

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