I’m relatively new to the Siege community having only picked up the game earlier this year, but seeing as how this year feels like three, I’d say I’ve been playing in a hyperbolic time chamber of sorts. Despite me being new, I could tell by gauging the different communities that the upcoming Shadow Legacy season felt like one of the most anticipated in a long while. Not only does it bring back the legendary Sam Fisher as a new operative, but it also is bringing a ton of quality of life changes to the five-year-old game.

Earlier this morning, the new season started rolling out on the various platforms with most of the changes promised in tow. First and most importantly, Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher is available for season pass players with those who don’t pay the extra money having to wait seven days.

I got a chance to play him briefly this morning and he’s a stupid amount of fun. Sure it’s not the stealth action that the character is known for, but just to be back in his virtual shoes again feels great. Zero’s unique gun, the SC3000K has a really good firing rate and a nice tight recoil pattern. I didn’t get to use his gadget too much, but from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be a thorn in the side of defenders for a while to come.

Rainbow Six Siege's Shadow Legacy season is here and Sam Fisher is a blast to play screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Rainbow Six Siege’s Shadow Legacy season is here and Sam Fisher is a blast to play