This past July, Minecraft Dungeons got its first major DLC with the Jungle Awakens pack. Now, it’s headed to somewhere decidedly colder.

Creeping Winter is out today, which once again lightly continues the game’s narrative while providing a new biome to explore and conquer. The title of the DLC is quite literal, as the theme is described as what I’m referring to as “spooky cold.” Slippery ice, a classic gaming trope, is also a go. I think I’m in, folks!

The DLC also comes with an update, which provides some upgrades for free for all players. Daily Trials are in, which can net you four gear pieces as a reward. The game is also getting new merchants as well as new weapons and armor.

As a reminder, if you own the upgraded edition of Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll net this DLC and Jungle Awakens for free. You can find the full patch notes for the update below.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes []

Minecraft Dungeons' latest major DLC is out today screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Minecraft Dungeons’ latest major DLC is out today