Minecraft Dungeons Has Made Mealtimes More Enjoyable

“I am quite sure I am in the minority here and it may come as a shock to some when I disclose that have never so much as picked up a pickaxe never mind set foot in the Nether. Playing survival games where I have to eat, drink or feed others, is not my bag at all, I have enough of this in real life! I am not a Minecrafter and I am proud to wear this as a badge of honour. However, this does not mean that I am not very much aware of what is required of you in the game. Being a Mamma and a gamer there is no escaping it. The mealtime conversations about creepers and Pillagers, the excitement amongst my brood as the Nether update was discussed etc. So imagine my surprise when I found myself playing and ENJOYING it. Minecraft Dungeons has made mealtimes more enjoyable!”

Source: N4G PC Minecraft Dungeons Has Made Mealtimes More Enjoyable