Sunday has arrived, and with it, more deals! Persona 5 Royal is still on sale for $40, and we cannot recommend it enough. It’s a gigantic game, packed with content and great experiences and well worth your time. If that’s not your jam, take a peak at our various gaming laptops on sale, or the wide array of other gadgets and technology that are currently discounted this weekend.

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Pick Up Persona 5 Royal for $40, The Lowest Price Yet


There’s a lot of Playstation 4 titles on sale right now, but if there’s a standout among them, it’s Persona 5 Royal. The definitive version of P5, Royal packs in tons of quality of life changes, along with a couple dozen hours of extra content. If you want to get lost in a giant RPG, that will take you dozens of hours to finish, this is the game for you.

Pick Up a Toshiba 4K TV for as Low as $249


If you’re looking for a cheap 4K TV, Toshiba has something just for you. This doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a more premium TV, but it’s the ideal piece for a bedroom, or for the kids who don’t need HDR and crazy color reproduction. It does have Smart functionality, making it a great Netflix and Youtube browsing device as well.

Newly Discounted Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones On Sale for $128


When it comes to audio, Sony is a well known and respected brand, so when a giant sale on Sony headphones comes along, it’s worth checking out. These are currently discounted by 36%, offer a huge 30+ hour battery and come with tons of features you have come to expect from wireless headphones.

Buy Death Stranding Collector’s Edition, get Kingdom Hearts 3 for Free


This is certainly a strange deal, there is no doubt about that, but a deal is still a deal! If you’ve not played either of these games, definitely check out Newegg who is offering Kingdom Hearts 3 for free, for anyone who buys the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition.

Get the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package for $40


This is one of the best bundles you can buy right now. The All-In-One Package contains nearly a dozen games, each with dozens of hours of gameplay. That equals out to hundreds of hours of gameplay, for only $40, a steal if you ask us.

Grab the Insignia 350 Sq. Ft. Portable Air Conditioner for $70 Off


If you missed this deal last time, you’re getting a second chance. The Summer heat is already here for many of us, so if you’re looking for a way to cool off, this might just be the trick. With 350 Sq. Ft. of cooling, it’ll definitely help you chill out while playing your favorite games.

Sony PS4 Days of Play Game Deals

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Online Learning Courses from Stack Social

Want to be more productive at home? Stack Social has plenty of practical courses that can kick start your career. For under $40 per bundle you get dozens of hours of online instruction in programming, game creation, video production, ethical hacking, and more… all from the safety of your home.

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