Games Asylum: “Critics were doubtlessly in a quandary when 2006s Jaw Unleashed landed for review. The vastly belated movie tie-in came from a publisher with an iffy track record (Majesco), had no pre-launch hype, and was far removed from the PS2s typical fare. Despite all this, it was a fun diversion. Whats a journalist to do? Give it 4/10 and throw it out to sea, of course.

Jaw Unleashed eventually went on to achieve cult status. It even boasts a modest 7.6 Metacritic user score these days. Tripwires Maneater is a spiritual successor of sorts, albeit a lot more contemporary. Its a halfway house between a typical European RPG and a Ubisoft open-world game, with both main story and side quests, a levelling up system, upgradable abilities, and a long list of collectables. Its on a far smaller scale, however make good use of the map, and its possible to mop up quests, collectables and visit points of interest in quick succession.”

Source: N4G PC Maneater – Review – Games Asylum