The Best Gaming Services in 2020

BY GRANT TAYLOR: We dont need to mention the elephant in the room, but its an obvious fact that hundreds of millions of gamers worldwide now have more time on their hands. There has been an immense increase in engagement on gaming platforms, from online multiplayer to streaming services like Twitch. We discussed this topic in an earlier article, wherein we surmised that COVID-19 would have a heavy impact on the gaming industry.

Today, well cast a light over some of the best gaming services out there. These are the money-saving, gaming-spree-enabling, time-killing wonders that exist to provide hundreds of hours of thrifty entertainment. Is lockdown the best time to plough through an entire series of games? Is it ideal for trying a franchise youd never look at otherwise?

Lets see if any of these take your fancy!

Source: N4G PC The Best Gaming Services in 2020