Power Rangers Beast Morphers is still roaring through its second season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to the next team of Rangers ready to defend the Earth.

IGN can exclusively reveal that the 28th season in the iconic franchise is titled Power Rangers Dino Fury, which will premiere in 2021. The new installment is adapted from the 43rd season of Japan’s Super Sentai series, known as Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, utilizing that show’s battle footage and monsters.

Here’s the plot summary for Power Rangers Dino Fury: “When an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat.”

Power Rangers Dino Fury continues the dino-powered theme that’s been prevalent in Power Rangers since it began with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993. (Other dinosaur-themed teams have included Dino Thunder in 2004 and Dino Charge in 2015, for those keeping track). Even better, the Rangers have knight-themed weaponry – including their own swords.

While we don’t yet know who’ll be playing the Dino Fury Rangers, you can check out their costumes and the show’s logo below.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 12.46.57 PM[1]

power rangers dino fury

We got an early sneak peek at the Dino Fury Rangers and their Zords in a recent trailer for Beast Morphers Season 2, which also features the return of the original Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John) for an epic team-up with the Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge Rangers – watch it below:

[ignvideo url=”https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/02/22/power-rangers-beast-morphers-reveals-mmpr-jason-scott-cameo”]

Power Rangers Beast Morphers airs on Nickelodeon. 

Source: IGN.com Power Rangers Is Going Back to Its Dinosaur Roots for Season 28