Fan-favorite comedy Reno 911 returns for its long-awaited Season 7 on May 4, more than a decade after it left our screens – and the only thing that’s really changed is that the screens are a little bit smaller this time around. Streaming platform Quibi has revived the series for 12 new episodes, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the full trailer, which is every bit as deranged, risque, and hilarious as the first six seasons. Watch it above or in the player below:

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Quibi’s Reno 911 revival reunites the original cast, including creators Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Silver and Thomas Lennon, and Niecy Nash, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cedric Yarbrough, Carlos Alazraqui, Ian Roberts, Joe LoTruglio and Mary Birdsong.

“It was definitely a trip to have the entire original cast back together,” Lennon told IGN. “It’s a little bit like being in the Eagles and then doing the Eagles ‘Hell Freezes Over,’ but the fact is that the cast was better, funnier and sharper now than any time before. It was amazing to see how everyone had grown as improvisers and actors, because everyone came out of the gate with no preparation.”

Quibi is designed to be watched in “quick bites” on your phone, with episodes lasting 10 minutes or less and released daily, which Lennon said was a perfect format for the series: “One great thing about doing the new Reno episodes for Quibi was the time allotment. The fact is if you watch the new Quibi episodes, you will notice that there’s not really much different than the old TV episodes, but you may notice that they’re leaner and funnier and probably better.”

Check out new photos from Reno 911 Season 7 below:

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And since Quibi’s shows are shot in both horizontal and vertical framing so that viewers can position their phone whichever way they prefer, Lennon said, “the cool thing about the Reno 911 episodes and Quibi’s turnstyle format is you’ll see a completely different person or reaction depending on which way you hold your phone.”

You may spot a few familiar faces in the star-studded trailer, and Lennon previewed a couple of highlights for us: “I have a lot of favorite [episodes] coming up in the new season on Quibi, but two I’ll point out that I think are worth watching are episode 6, which has Patton Oswalt playing a really amazing new character with a very very intense radio show. And there’s a super fun episode called Lieutenant Dangle’s Space Force Try Out, which features Tim Allen as a space force commander putting Lieutenant Dangle through basic training to go on a mission to Venus. Somehow it’s stupider than it sounds.” Other guest stars in Season 7 include Dave Holmes and Ron Pearlman.

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As for whether there could be a new Reno 911 movie following 2007’s Reno 911: Miami, Lennon said, “I suspect if there’s ever another Reno 911 movie it will play out in a streaming venue not unlike Quibi where you can watch it quite conveniently whenever you want. Honestly, I would love to make another Reno 911 movie. We wrote a second movie called Reno 911 SOS and the outline for that movie is in our book, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit.”

Three new episodes of Reno 911 will debut on May 4, with new episodes launching weekdays on the Quibi app. For more from the Reno 911 team, check out their TikTok channel. What do you think of the new Reno 911 trailer? Hit the comments with your reactions.  

Source: Reno 911 Looks Just as Deranged in New Season 7 Trailer