Ever since The Office ended in 2013, fans have been clamoring for a reunion – and despite pretty much everyone involved admitting that reassembling the busy and successful cast would be a gargantuan task, there could be a glimmer of hope on the horizon (especially following the news that the Parks and Recreation cast is reuniting for a scripted special for charity).

IGN spoke to The Office showrunner (and Parks and Rec co-creator) Greg Daniels ahead of the launch of his two upcoming streaming shows – Amazon’s Upload (premiering May 1), and Netflix’s Space Force (releasing May 29), which reunites Daniels with Office star Steve Carell – about the continued interest around an Office reunion, and whether he and Carell have discussed the possibility.

“It’s so personally satisfying for me to work with Steve again, and I have talked with Steve about the fact that in a year or so we’re gonna start on Peacock as a rerun and I’m sure that they would love something, some sort of a… something,” Daniels told IGN. “I’m a little reluctant to open up the characters’ endings because we wrote specifically to an ending, but as we hang around we sometimes think about [it]. And there is a script that was written in Season 1; there was an extra script written that was never shot, called ‘Pet Day,’ so I don’t know, sometimes we joke around about gathering to do Pet Day.”

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Rumors of an Office reunion have been percolating for years, with former NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt fanning the flames back in 2018 by publicly expressing interest in a revival.

Ever since then, the cast and writers have been grilled about a potential reunion at every opportunity – soon after Greenblatt’s comments, star John Krasinski told IGN, “I love the idea of coming back together… I think it’d be impossible to get us all together to do a run of the series, but [British shows] have the Christmas specials.”

Carell then staged a mini-reunion when he hosted Saturday Night Live, with former co-stars Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Jenna Fischer jokingly harassing him about returning for a reboot. Soon after, a number of cast members reunited at Daniels’ home and recreated the character photo op from “A Benihana Christmas.” More recently, Krasinski reunited with Carell for the first episode of his Some Good News webseries.

“Some of the most fun memories, personally or professionally, are intertwined and connected with that show, without a doubt,” Carell said.

“Listen, I know everyone’s talking about a reunion; hopefully one day, we just get to reunite as people, and just all get to say hi,” Krasinski responded.

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How would you feel about an Office reunion or revival special? Weigh in below, and read up on HBO Max’s (sadly unscripted) Friends cast reunion coming later this year.

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Source: IGN.com Office Boss Says He and Steve Carell Have Talked About a Reunion 'Something'