My Hero Academia's Best and Worst Quirks, Ranked

There are a lot of heroes in My Hero Academia, most of them established pros, out on the streets saving civilians from threats big and small. The main characters of My Hero Academia, however, are the heroic youngsters studying at U.A. High School. Specifically, they’re students of class 1-A: 20 students, including our protagonist Midoriya, under the tutelage of legendary heroes like Eraserhead, their homeroom teacher, and their Hero Studies teacher All Might.

The pupils of My Hero Academia’s Class 1-A all have unique and original “quirks” that make them hero material – whether they’re offensive, defensive, strategic, or supportive abilities. One of the best things about the show is how delightfully strange and silly most of these powers are. But how would you rank the best and worst of the class 1-A quirks? Let’s take a look.

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Source: My Hero Academia's Best and Worst Quirks, Ranked