Gemini Man Review

The script for Gemini Man has been floating around Hollywood since 1997 and in those 22 years, it has gained something of a mythic status. Throughout its development, it’s seen huge stars attached including Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and even Sean Connery. Eventually, Will Smith landed the lead and with Ang Lee at the helm, Gemini Man finally saw the light of day. So was the long-gestating action flick worth the two decade-plus wait? That depends on what you like from your action movies.

The big draw here is, of course, Smith, who’s fun in dual roles as a former soldier turned assassin, Henry Brogan, and the young man, Junior, who’s hunting him down. Imagining this film as a late ’90s high-concept action romp makes a lot of sense, but sadly the finished flick feels very much like a product of 2019 and that’s not a particularly good thing. Despite the fun, if gimmicky concept, Gemini Man feels pretty rote throughout with a script that lacks (intentional) humor and characters that we know so little about that it’s hard to feel invested in any of them.

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