If Shadowkeep makes anything crystal clear, it’s that it was built for the hardcore audience that’s stuck with Destiny 2 for years through good times and bad, even if its new features run the risk of confusing and alienating new players. With important changes to Destiny’s sandbox and an added focus on RPG mechanics, customization, and high-end loot to chase, Shadowkeep is a big step in the right direction in a lot of ways, but also feels like it’s setting Destiny 2 up for a bright future that isn’t quite here yet.

With each new expansion Destiny 2 seems determined to reinvent itself, and Shadowkeep is no exception. This time the big push is centered around making everything more complex, customizable, RPG-like, and downright nerdy. The host of tweaks and adjustments the newly independent Bungie’s made to this end are numerous: armor, the quest tab, and additional progression systems provide more rewards and customization options for truly committed Guardians. For veterans who enjoy the neverending grind and the ability to improve and customize in the manner of their choosing, life has never been better.

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Source: IGN.com Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Final Review