Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son was one of the more unusual games that we saw at Gamescom this year. After all, the entire premise is unusual – a VR game based on a 25-year-old movie which in itself has a very “rinse and repeat” video game premise. But video games are a twisty medium, and here I am, with a PlayStation VR headset strapped to my head, playing Groundhog Day.

The premise is smart. Phill Connors Jr spent his life in his father’s shadow; no matter what he lent his hand to, his perfect father was of course already a master of it. So he does what any rebellious young person does and moves from Punxsutawney to Pittsburgh, leaving behind his mother, his brother, his high-school girlfriend, and the gold-tinged memory of his (presumably late) father. Something brings him back to Punxsutawney, he gets stuck in the Groundhog Day loop, and the game begins proper.

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Source: The Groundhog Day Video Game is Real and We Played it