Note: this is a spoiler-free review of all nine episodes of Mindhunter: Season 2, which premiered on Netflix on Friday, August 16.

It’s been a little under two years since the first season of Mindhunter landed on Netflix and gave viewers a deep dive into the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. It’s not hard to understand why the first season struck such a chord. The series has the benefit of being a prestige crime thriller where no less an authority than David Fincher is behind the camera on several episodes. At the same time, it also taps into the current fascination with true crime stories and the desire to understand what goes on in the mind of a cold, calculating killer. The protagonists may be fictionalized versions of real FBI agents, but the situations and the criminals are all too real. Despite some early momentum problems, Season 2 channels that same effective balance between Hollywood style and real-world stakes.

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Source: Netflix's Mindhunter: Season 2 Review