The SNES Dream Games We Want to See on Switch

Hey, LISTEN! … to Nintendo Voice Chat, IGN’s Nintendo podcast. An official wireless SNES controller may be on its way to the Switch, does that mean SNES games as part of the online service will come with it? Tom Marks fills in for Casey as host this week alongside Peer Schneider, Janet Garcia, and the triumphant return of Zach Ryan to share their dream picks for SNES games they hope come to Switch.

We’ll also be talking about the resurrection of two beloved franchises: Bubble Bobble and Cooking Mama, though there may be more than meets the eye with that second one… There’s more news to discuss, including Nintendo’s new stance on loot boxes and some cool new releases, as well as a Question Block question about if we should still be expecting that rumored Switch Pro.

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Source: The SNES Dream Games We Want to See on Switch