Amazing Spider-Man Shows the Fun Side of Villainy

No current Marvel series quite scratches that Superior Foes of Spider-Man itch, but The Amazing Spider-Man has suddenly become the next best thing. Writer Nick Spencer is using his latest story arc as an opportunity to revisit certain key characters and even build directly on old plot points. The result is a satisfyingly goofy Spidey adventure, whether or not you’re a fan of Superior Foes.

As much as Spencer’s run has varied in terms of tone and focus, one thing has remained constant – it’s the villains and supporting characters who really fuel the series. Spencer’s handle on Peter Parker is fine, but it’s characters like Boomerang, Aunt May and Mysterio where the series has really found its hook lately. That’s what makes this latest arc work so well. Peter is very much a secondary player, one reluctantly dragged into the fray as Beetle and her new Sinister Syndicate retaliate against Fred Myers. Instead, it’s these blue collar villains who steal the show, along with a handful of memorable scenes involving an unfairly beleaguered May. But this isn’t a knock against the issue. It’s simply an approach that┬áplays directly to Spencer’s strengths writing morally ambiguous C-Listers.

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Source: Amazing Spider-Man Shows the Fun Side of Villainy