Why the World Needs a Nintendo Switch Pro

The rumors were true all along, and Nintendo Switch Lite is a real thing: a smaller, cheaper version of the Nintendo console we all hold dear. It’s perfectly timed and designed to coincide with Pokemon Shield and Sword, along with the rest of the Switch games destined to dominate the hearts and minds of holiday shoppers.

That’s all well and good, but we still need the third section of the Nintendo Switch tri-force: the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. This Tri-Force of Power in the Switch console line-up is more important now than ever.

Nintendo is quietly upgrading the chip in the Nintendo Switch, but it’s not the Nintendo Switch Pro. It’s more of a cost-saving (and possibly anti-piracy) measure. But it could also bring performance and battery-life upgrades, but one thing is for sure: Nintendo is only releasing one completely new Switch model this year, and it ain’t Switch Pro.

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Source: IGN.com Why the World Needs a Nintendo Switch Pro