Spider-Man and Kraven Pick Up the Pieces of 'Hunted'

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the ending of The Amazing Spider-Man #22!

The cover to The Amazing Spider-Man #23 bills this issue as an epilogue to the recent “Hunted” storyline, and that’s exactly what readers should expect from the contents. This is very much a transitional chapter of the series, tying up loose ends from “Hunted,” bidding farewell to a major Marvel character and laying some crucial seeds for stories to come. It’s not the strongest or most well-rounded chapter of the series, but it serves as an entertaining conclusion all the same.

Writer Nick Spencer brought a fitting end to to the story of Sergei Kravinoff in issue #22, with Kraven’s own son being tricked into beating his father to death. The most compelling material in this issue is centered around the fallout of the death, as Kraven’s lone family member and tiny circle of friends pay tribute to a fallen villain. It helps that Spencer takes a mostly silent approach in these scenes, allowing artist Ryan Ottley to focus on bringing out the younger Kraven’s pained emotions. Ottley even pays direct homage to Kraven’s Last Hunt in the opening of the issue, which definitely helps send the character off right.

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Source: IGN.com Spider-Man and Kraven Pick Up the Pieces of 'Hunted'