DC's Event Leviathan Delivers Mood, Not Plot

Since coming over to DC Comics last year, much of Brian Michael Bendis’ attention has been devoted to the Superman books, the new Wonder Comics imprint and his creator-owned Jinxworld line. That’s all fine and well, but many fans have been itching to see Bendis take a crack at some of DC’s street-level heroes. What can the writer who’s done so much to revitalize Marvel characters like Daredevil and Luke Cage do for DC heroes like Batman, Green Arrow and The Question? With Event Leviathan, readers have the chance to find out. Just don’t expect the series to rocket out of the gate in its first issue.

The seeds of this story may have been laid in Action Comics, but Event Leviathan is no Superman story. The Man of Steel is pointedly absent from this conflict, instead leaving crusading reporter Lois Lane and superhero detectives like Batman to get to the bottom of this burning mystery. As the series opens, the masked, enigmatic Leviathan has systematically taken down every intelligence agency in the world, leaving ARGUS, the DEO, Spyral and others as little more than smoking ruins. This series is less an epic superhero crossover event than it is a gritty mystery fueled by two questions – who is Leviathan, and what is their endgame?

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Source: IGN.com DC's Event Leviathan Delivers Mood, Not Plot