That’s a lot of Pokemon plush toys

Wow, they even have all 28 forms of Unown. That’s a lot of Pokémon plush toys!

You too can open your wallet and continue collecting Pokémon plushies from the Fit line. Next up, Johto. Pre-orders have opened for the Pokémon Silver and Gold plush toys ahead of their release at the Pokémon Center in Japan starting June 8. One import option Sunyshore is asking $20 per toy.

“This is a pick-up item, meaning I will pick it up after receiving payment. You will receive notice when it has been purchased and mailed to you. If there is no stock remaining at the Center you will be refunded promptly.” If you aren’t in a rush, you’re better off waiting for wider Pokémon Center availability. The first-generation plushies (known as “Sitting Cuties“) go for $10.99 a piece in North America.

I hold Generation 2 near and dear to my heart. If you had to pick out only a single creature from that era of Pokémon, which would you take? Today, I’m going Murkrow (and Pineco for my dog).

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Source: Destructoid That’s a lot of Pokemon plush toys