Get your haunt on with Betrayal at House on the Hill for £26

There’s treachery afoot in Betrayal at House on the Hill: the popular board game where you can murder your friends, summon unknowable horrors and everything in between. It’s down to £25.89 at Amazon with free delivery currently, and the lowest price it’s been this year thus far. Stick with us to learn all about it.

Steeped in all the horror troops, Betrayal involves building a haunted mansion with randomly generated tiles and uncovering its mysteries cooperatively. So far, so standard. However, and here’s where it gets interesting: when a certain chain of events are triggered, one lucky player is selected by the game to be the traitor, and must carry out a secret dastardly plan to snuff out their fellow investigators.

There are 50 different possible traitor scenarios contained within Betrayal’s rules, each with it own unique story and planned actions. For example, you might be turned into a werewolf and tasked with turning your buddies into lupine monstrosities, or another where you must offer a team-mate in sacrifice to the Lord of Hell. It’s no easy feat defeating the traitor: they tend to be granted unholy powers and hidden knowledge about the house.

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Source: Eurogamer Get your haunt on with Betrayal at House on the Hill for £26