Best Horror TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (May 2019)

From The Haunting of Hill House to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, some of the best shows on TV are about monsters, literally or figuratively, and a lot of those scary shows are currently available on Netflix!

Are you looking for the best horror TV shows on Netflix right now? It can be hard to dig through the service to find what’s worth watching. But that’s where we’ve got you covered with our monthly updates on the best new shows on Netflix. There’s always some hot new show in the news, some popular title that you need to get off the TV screen and into your eyeballs asap. But what to watch? What date does it drop? Current originals, American indie titles, the scariest creatures — vampires, ghouls, monsters, serial killers, and more — we’ve got the news on what Netflix has to offer.

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Source: Best Horror TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (May 2019)