7 Ways 'City of Bane' Could Change Batman Forever

Batman writer Tom King is gearing up for a major storyline called “City of Bane.” Kicking off in July’s Batman #75, “City of Bane” sees Bane assume total control of a battle-ravaged Gotham City, even as Batman himself reels from the psychological gauntlet Bane has put him through. It’s meant to serve as the culmination of every story thread King has introduced over the past three years since Batman #1.

And as King told us in a recent interview, “City of Bane” will change the Dark Knight in a profound, lasting way. King teased, “This is the biggest story I’ve ever told and maybe we’ll ever tell in terms of affecting how a character that is a part of our conscious exists.”

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Source: IGN.com 7 Ways 'City of Bane' Could Change Batman Forever