The Flash Reveals Godspeed, Season 5 Villain

The first look at the new speedster villain making his debut on Season 5 of The Flash.

Behold Godspeed in all his white-and-gold glory, as well as some pages from the comics for comparison.

As you can probably tell, Godspeed is yet another speedster villain in the same vein as Zoom and the rest, but he’s a relatively recent addition to comics canon, having debuted in The Flash Rebirth run that kicked off in 2016. He was created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico.

Godspeed has all of the traditional speedster powers but with the added ability to steal the Speed Force from others. He can also divide the Speed Force within his body to create a temporary clone, allowing him to team up on enemies. The first story arc featuring Godspeed saw a “Speed Force storm” give dozens of new Central City citizens speedster powers, and then Godspeed hunted them down to steal their powers to become stronger.

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Source: The Flash Reveals Godspeed, Season 5 Villain