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Last month, we gave you tons of exclusive content about Obsidian’s fabulous-looking RPG The Outer Worlds, including a video that showed off gameplay.

Now, even more gameplay footage is surfacing online, coming from a demo that was presented by Obsidian during PAX East. The video, recorded by YouTuber MrRedRivers, gives a look at tons of combat and an area called Byzantium, the city of the elite. The protagonist travels there to take part of a propaganda film shoot. While voice acting for this section hasn’t been implemented yet, the written dialogue still looks pretty amusing.

It also demonstrates a glowing baton that slows down enemies and eventually freezes them, all while strangely rearranging foes’ faces such as enlarging or shrinking heads. Obsidian jokes that this was the result of a bug during development, but they kept it in because of its hilarious effects.

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Source: Game Informer New Gameplay For The Outer Worlds Premieres At PAX East