Can the Avatar Sequels Spark 3D's Return to Grace?

James Cameron’s Avatar and 3D go hand in hand. So much of the movie’s buzz was due to the 3D gimmick and the big budget special effects that it worked so well with. Avatar truly became a must-see movie when it was released — not just on the biggest screen possible but in as many dimensions as possible — and it remains the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide some 10 years later. Indeed, it helped spur on a renewed interest in big-screen 3D at the time. And now there are four Avatar sequels on the way, with the first slated for release in 2020.

Except Cameron and 20th Century Fox (the studio behind the films) are facing a new world. The hype for 3D upon Avatar’s release in 2009 is long gone in most markets. So the question is whether or not the big, blue alien cats of Pandora can help make 3D movies relevant again.

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Source: Can the Avatar Sequels Spark 3D's Return to Grace?