With Spider-Geddon #2 now on the stands, the floodgates have truly opened as far as event tie-ins go. Spider-Force is one of several books featuring a team of multiverse-spanning heroes carrying out a specific mission. In terms of the plot and relevance to the main Spider-Geddon event, Spider-Force isn’t much to write home about. But for those who want to see Christopher Priest return to the Spider-Man franchise after a several decade absence, this book has a bit more to offer.

Spider-Force niche in the larger tapestry that is Spider-Geddon centers around Solus, father of the spider-devouring Inheritors. The crystal containing Solus’ essence is still marooned on the irradiated world where the Inheritors were held prisoner. Kaine is now charged with leading a strike force of various Spider-Men and women in order to destroy the crystal before Verna can revive her father. In other words, a fairly straightforward and unremarkable premise. Most of these tie-ins seem to revolve around a motley group of heroes chasing some MacGuffin or another, and there’s little sense that the events of this series will wind up having huge ramifications on the core miniseries.

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Source: IGN.com Plot Isn't the Draw for Marvel's Spider-Force