Apparently you can’t bring back one Wolverine without discarding another. Old Man Logan made his transition to the core Marvel Universe in the aftermath of the regular Wolverine’s death. And now that Wolverine is in the excruciatingly slow process of returning, it’s Old Man Logan’s turn to shuffle off into that good night. Old Man Logan #50 proves to be a fitting, if rushed, series finale.

It’s fitting that writer Ed Brisson wraps up the series with another fight between Logan and Maestro. It mirrors both the beginning of Brisson’s run and the very first Wolverine story. The tone of this rematch is certainly dire enough, with Logan clinging to life while his healing factor fails him and “King” Maestro lording it over a remote town full of terrified subjects. Had Marvel not announced the upcoming Dead Man Logan followup series, there would be legitimate cause to worry about whether our hero can survive this fight.

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Source: Old Man Logan #50 Serves as a Fitting Series Finale