It’s the best time of year, and that means time to watch lots of horror movies. But while there are so many options these days – streaming services, Blu-rays, whatever TCM is airing – you might want to seek out some historic titles, and the “Doctor of the Dead” is here to help with some suggestions that cover an entire century of cinematic horror!

But look, I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. Trying to pick just one single horror movie to represent every decade from the 1910s to the present is an impossible task, so – in keeping with the spirit of the season – I’m just going to go with my gut. This list doesn’t invalidate your own picks, nor do I mean to say there aren’t plenty of equally valid options. But we only have so much time together, so let’s get started, and maybe a few of these might inspire you to go on your own Halloween season viewing binges that will last well into November and beyond.

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Source: Horror Movies by the Decade: A Century of Classics for Halloween