With the Aquaman movie hitting theaters in less than two months, DC needs a new reader-friendly, Aquaman-centric event comic that can give newcomers a primer on all things Atlantis. Drowned Earth definitely fits that bill. This one-shot special kicks off a crossover between the ongoing Justice League and Aquaman comics. Some of the beats in this issue are overly familiar, but it serves as an engaging start to this crossover all the same.

Fans of 2013’s Throne of Atlantis crossover will find themselves in comfortably familiar territory. Once again Aquaman takes center stage in a conflict that involves the surface world being flooded by an oceanic enemy. The key difference this time being that this enemy hails from the stars and harbors just as much resentment toward Atlantis as it does the rest of the world.

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Source: IGN.com DC's Drowned Earth Features Epic Carnage and a Familair Plot