More than two years after production wrapped on the second season, Outcast is finally returning to Cinemax – on Friday, July 20th (though Season 2 already aired for audiences overseas).

Back in spring of 2016, I visited the set of this horrific exorcism series, based on Robert Kirkman’s comics, while they were shooting episode 208 and spoke to Kirkman and the cast about the new dangers and expanding scope of the show.

Note: With the second season of this expensive-to-make series sitting on the shelf for so long, and the options on the cast having lapsed a long time ago, the future for Outcast doesn’t look great. HBO and Cinemax’s programming head Kary Antholis said that they’d be open to conversations about bringing it back, but many co-production opportunities would probably have to arise to make it feasible.

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Source: Outcast is Back: Robert Kirkman on the Bigger Body Snatcher Scope of Season 2