The Dark Knight is, gun to my head, my favorite film ever. I rewatch it at least once per year, and every time I do I get sucked right back in. From the tone-setting opening bank robbery scene that establishes the stakes of the movie – that this Joker, wryly hinted at in the closing moments of Batman Begins, was more anarchist than over-the-top cackling clown – to Christian Bale and Heath Ledger’s intense showdown inside the Gotham PD interrogation room, it grabs onto you and never lets go, despite being two-and-a-half hours long.

Sure, it’s not perfect (*cough* “No more dead cops!”), but it remains a gripping, beautifully acted film even after dozens of viewings. And it is still the world’s finest superhero movie, despite a deluge of costume-clad contenders that have taken to the big screen in the decade since its release.

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Source: Opinion: Why The Dark Knight Is Still the Best Superhero Movie Ever